The Togata is a small Family Winery with vineyards in the South of Montalcino (Pietrafocaia, S. Angelo in Colle e Torrenieri) and wine cellars in the area of ​​S. Angelo in Colle. The estate is now made up of a splendid villa salmon coloured, nineteenth-century type, with five floors and an impressive wine cellar carved into the rock but with the most modern systems for the vinification and the conservation of the bottles. In the "caveau" the bottles are kept since the first year of production, the famous 1990.

The Togata is owned by the Angel family, a property of women: Stephania, Vanessa and Azzurra. The company is also conducted by Ms. Jeanneth Angel, master of wine, with her many years experience in international marketing in the wine world. Every step of production is personally followed with the maximum attention and dedication: from the choice of natural products for the care of the vineyards to the pruning only manuals; from the choice of grapes suitable for winemaking to the temperature-controlled fermentation; from aging in medium casks of Slavonian oak to give a balance to the wine, to the aging choice, making "grow" the wine in the best way possible. The goal is not to produce a wine like many, but a wine that can be appreciated and especially where you can feel all the love and passion that this small Winery puts every day in producing it.